Jan 022013

Title: Lights Test: Orion
Fandom: Potterverse
Characters: Orion Lestrange
Rating: G- (L0 N1 S0 V0 D0)
Warnings: Shirtless dude?
Notes: Just some tests. I was having a discussion with Orion’s player, last night, and we got into a thing about lighting and skintones, so here’s a batch of shots with different angles of light, day, night, and sunset.

Stockholm 25

[IMG] lightstest-01-stock25.jpg

Sundsvall 45

[IMG] lightstest-02-sund45.jpg

Sala 5

[IMG] lightstest-03-sala5.jpg

Kiruna (5?)

[IMG] lightstest-04-kiruna.jpg

Marstrand 25

[IMG] lightstest-05-mars25.jpg

Profile test 01 (The shoulder glitch is from the pose and can be fixed in post.)

[IMG] profiletest-01.jpg

Profile test 02 (Shadows make this look weird and disproportionate.)

[IMG] profiletest-02.jpg

Profile test 03 (There’s that weird chest/shoulder glitching again. I’m not sure what that is, but I know it can be fixed in post.)

[IMG] profiletest-03.jpg