Aug 282012

Title:  Lords of Summer – Leofwine
Fandom: Magelight(-ish)
Characters: Leofwine
Rating:  PG (L0 N1 S0 V0 D0)
Warnings: Shirtless faery dude with a bow.
Notes: "If I miss this shot, Bertie, I'm coming over there and kicking your arse until your grandchildren are born sore." Leof's kind of a dick, but his skill with the bow is legendary. He's probably doing something utterly insane like shooting horseflies at 80 feet, here.

Since I've been getting asked, more often…
Leofwine is M4 with a touch of H4, wearing one the skins from V4 Tanwen, with HSS turned on. The hair is Casual Slick and Horsetail. The gorget and quiver strap are from Celtic Archer for V4. The trousers are from Ace of Spades Jack. The bow and arrow are from… Arcane Archery (I think). The arm-warmers are from Dark Thorn. The sandals are from Spartan Warrior.

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