Oct 232010

Title: Crackle
Fandom: Winter
Characters: Icefeather
Rating: G-
Warnings: Shitty contrast
Notes: So, I got off my ass and did this one, too. Icefeather is by no means perfect, but should be recognisable, much like the rest of Winter, if you know the source. Vanity, vanity, et al. I'm on a wizard kick, if you couldn't tell… Figure I'll knock these off while the force is with me, because I'm not gonna be good for much, once it passes.

[IMG] ice-magic-01.jpg

[IMG] ice-magic-02.jpg

[IMG] ice-magic-03.jpg

[IMG] ice-magic-04.jpg

[IMG] ice-magic-05.jpg
^ I think this one's my favourite. ^

[IMG] ice-magic-06.jpg

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