Jul 192009

Title: Water is Life
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Characters: Spock
Rating: G-
Warnings: Religion
Notes: For the crackmeme. Someone asked for insight into the crew's religious preferences; I took Spock, because he's so fucking easy to write. Also, I am a desert-dwelling vegetarian, so I kinda feel the vibe, here.

From crackmeme prompt, here:
tl;dr What are the religious beliefs of the various Enterprise crew members?

Water is life. It is the lesson of the desert, one learned by all who survive it. When the very act of living is an imposition of force and will upon one's very environment, logic is an essential part of survival, but water is deeper even than that.

When the sky breaks open, over Vulcan, every inhabitant of the affected area dances, nude, in the streets. It is a rare ceremony, one that happens daily during the monsoons, but with memorable infrequency, outside the raining time. Every child learns the dance, its every motion designed to expose as much skin as possible to the falling water. Where Spock grew up, in ShiKahr, in the valley below the mountains that held his family's ceremonial lands, the rain fell more often than it did in other places on his world, but still infrequently enough that, even as an adult, he viewed the rain with a certain childlike glee.

It was that which he loved as some of the crew loved their gods. The rain was that thing which was both beautiful and terrible, when it came. He had seen streets washed out in the flash floods, when the downpour overflowed the channels meant to hold it. He had watched the death that a swift-moving flood could bring, even as he danced in the rich glory of the life-giving rain. The water was the last god on Vulcan.

He carried that respect with him, even in space, thanking the replicated water of his showers with the dance of his home. It did not rain in space, and he would not let the water think he had begun to take it for granted. That way lay death, rational or not.

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