Nov 042007

Title: Honey
Characters: Namiashi Raidou, Kamizuki Izumo, Hagane Kotetsu
Rating:Β E
Warnings: Cocksucking and voyeurism
Notes: I dunno, it happened after molasses…

Raidou looked down to where Izumo knelt between his legs. "I just can't see what you're getting out of this. I mean, obviously it's something — you keep doing it."

Izumo leaned back, slowly sliding Raidou's cock out of his mouth. "You taste good; you smell good; Genma tells me there are a lot of nerves in the lips and tongue."

"Yeah," Raidou answered wryly, "I'd noticed that."

Stopping, Izumo gaped upward. "You're not telling me you can't feel with your tongue any more, are you?"

"It doesn't work as well as it used to. Taste is obviously kind of shot. Sense of smell is mostly intact, though — on the other side." Raidou shrugged.

Izumo blinked and thought for a moment, then nodded. "You're right. I don't think there's anything you can taste. It's not sweet and it's not spicy — just sort of musky. Tastes like it smells, assuming you've still got that."

"Is this one of those things I'll just never understand, then?"

Izumo stood. "I think we can work around that. Do you want to suck me, just to see what it's like?"

Raidou froze. He looked fearfully down into Izumo's eyes — the chuunin had never wronged him before, and he doubted this time would be any different, but so far, he'd been able to convince himself that he was still straight — that this was okay, because Izumo was kind of pretty and a mouth was a mouth, regardless of the gender of the person it belonged to. This was a hard line to cross, but he was curious.

He glanced at Kotetsu, standing in the corner with his camera. Kotetsu just shrugged. Looking back down at Izumo, Raidou closed his eyes and made his decision. He nodded.

Izumo reached up and stroked Raidou's cheek. "Wait here. I'm going to go get the honey. You'll thank me for it later."

Raidou rubbed at his scars, looking at everything but Kotetsu. It was one thing to be photographed with someone else's mouth on you — it was entirely something else to be standing in a room with a photographer with your pants open. He decided to close his pants; it would simply be less awkward. He just kept thinking about how good Izumo's mouth felt on him — that would block out the implications of what he was about to do. Terrified, he stood stone still and studied the floor until Izumo returned, and Kotetsu, strangely understanding, just leaned in the corner and said nothing at all.

Izumo returned to the room soon enough — though it had felt painfully long to Raidou — carrying a small jar of honey and a spoon in one hand. His other hand rested over his clothed groin, fingers gently rubbing himself through the cloth. He'd already been half-hard from sucking Raidou. That eerily familiar, hazy smile had settled back onto his face as he sauntered past Raidou and sank onto the couch, every movement smooth and slinky. His eyes glinted as he grinned at Kotetsu, before shifting his attention back to Raidou. The smile receded slightly, into something a little more amiable.

"You still okay with this?" he asked.

"No, but I'm going to do it anyway." Raidou shook his head and slowly crossed the room to sit on the edge of the coffee table, across from Izumo. "There are a lot of things I'm not okay with, and I've already seen you right when I'm wrong. I trust you." He held out his hand to Izumo. Izumo raised an eyebrow, but accepted the hand. Raidou's hand was large and calloused against his, and he tugged the broad shinobi a little closer.

"If you're sure, then." He let the sultry smile slide back onto his face, his other hand still rubbing at front of his pants. With deft fingers, he opened his pants and pulled his erection out, stroking it more fully, but lightly. He licked his lips, lust seeping onto his face through his eyes, flickering slightly. He closed his eyes and just breathed in for a moment before he reached for the jar of honey.

Raidou tightened his fingers around Izumo's hand, and looked at the floor, instead of the chuunin's cock. He tried to calm the panicked, greasy flutter in his chest, but that was just a bit beyond his ability. It was all he could do to keep from just standing up and walking out of the room. It was something that Genma had said, while very drunk, many years past that kept him where he was — 'curiosity killed the cat; satisfaction brought it back'. Better he should just cure this curiosity with someone who was … well, it was Izumo, and Izumo was safe. The worst thing that could happen was that he'd hate it and neither of them would ever bring it up again — but the voice in the back of his head protested that the worst thing would be if he liked it.

Raidou could hear the rustle of clothing as Izumo shifted on the couch and, by sheer virtue of being a ninja, managed to kick at least one leg out of his pants and boxers without the use of either of his hands. He was careful not to release Raidou's hand — the older shinobi needed the comfort. Izumo knew that Raidou would have preferred that he kept his pants on as much as possible, but on the contrary, Izumo preferred not to wind up with honey all over his clothing. Izumo carefully unscrewed the cap on the jar and rested it against his hip on the couch, picking up the spoon.

"Isn't that going to be really difficult to clean up?" Raidou finally looked up, and eyed the spoonful of honey, suspiciously. "I mean, you don't shave — it's …" Comprehension suddenly settled onto his face. "Oh. Right. Mizuame nabara. Sorry, I'm a little slow, sometimes. Of course you'd know how to clean it off."

Izumo smiled at him — still hazily, but easily and a little comforting, this time. "It's all right. Relax, Raidou." His eyes slid closed again as he tipped the spoon over his waiting erection, a slight shiver running up his spin as the honey dribbled slowly over his cock. It was a little cool to the touch, in contrast with the heated skin. He added a half of a second spoonful, just for good measure, before he held the sticky spoon out to Raidou with another smile. "Lick the spoon?" His voice was almost a purr.

Raidou's hand twitched like he might reach for the spoon, but he took a deep breath, leaned forward with his eyes closed, and just took the spoon into his mouth, sitting back up with it. After a few moments, he pulled the now-honeyless spoon from his mouth and managed to smile at Izumo. "Thanks." Setting the spoon on the table, Raidou looked straight into Izumo's eyes, his own reflecting terror and determination.

Kotetsu twisted at his fingers, trying to think of anything but what was going on in front of him. Izumo looked incredible — half dressed and honeyed, leaned saucily back into Raidou's couch. He sincerely wished that Rai would start sucking — once the extremely nervous tokujou was occupied, Kotetsu could finally get a hand into his own pants to take care of the rather excruciating hard-on he had from watching Izumo perform for him. Raidou wasn't all that interesting, as far as Ko was concerned, but Izumo lusted after him, and it made for good photos. He wondered how his best friend would sound begging Raidou for more, and quickly stifled that thought with a muffled groan.

Izumo could sense the secondary source of tension in the room — it was hard to be so deeply entwined with another person and not feel that, even when Kotetsu was on the other side of the room. He smiled slightly, though reassuringly once more, at Raidou, and leaned back, resting his arms away from his own body, invitingly. It was a surrendering gesture, given in the hopes that it'd make Raidou feel less threatened. He said nothing, sitting patiently despite the ache in his groin.

"I can't fucking do this," Raidou muttered as he slid forward, off the table to kneel on the floor between Izumo's legs. He slid one hand up the chuunin's slim thigh and closed his eyes. He swallowed hard, rubbing his thumb against Izumo's leg — a nervous gesture. With a sigh, he leaned forward over Izumo's lap and leaned in until he bumped his face against a drizzle of honey. His heart thudded in his chest as he tried to calm the dim nausea that rose up through his stomach, nearly to his throat. "Curiosity," he whispered the reminder against the head of Izumo's cock, before forcing his tongue to part his lips and taste the honey there. Izumo's cock twitched slightly against his mouth, despite Izumo's best attempts to stay perfectly still. The chuunin drew in a tight, steady breath through his nose as Raidou's tongue brushed against the sensitive head of his cock, willing himself to move as little as possible. He realised that if he made himself to be like a doll — like something unliving — then it might be a little easier for Raidou. And as much as this had really been about satisfying his own curiosity, from the start, now Izumo wanted to see Raidou get through this himself.

But that didn't mean he wouldn't have his own fun once Raidou finally got into it.

Still struggling with himself, Raidou chose to focus on the honey. He rather liked honey — it tasted good, where most things tasted like some variant on cardboard. He was just going to have some of this honey, which Izumo had been so kind as to pour for him. Yes, but he's poured it on his cock! If you're going to get this honey, you're going to have to lick it off your friend's boyfriend's cock. His mind hammered at him, and he did his damnedest to ignore it. Where his tongue still had surface nerves, Izumo's skin felt wonderful on it — soft and silky — unlike the skin on any other part of the chuunin's body. Slowly lapping at the flesh against his lips, he could focus on the taste of the honey and the peculiar, but pleasant, feeling on his tongue. He found it erotic in all the ways he thought kissing should be, but had never been for him, and he wondered idly if there wasn't, perhaps, a trick to that, too — some little thing he'd been missing.

Izumo's eyes fluttered closed, and he clenched his jaw tightly against the soft moan that bubbled up in his chest at Raidou's tongue on his cock. He didn't quite manage to keep it all down — a low, strained whine leaked out from between his teeth anyway, and his cock twitched slightly against Raidou's mouth. Raidou's tongue had such an interesting texture to it — from the burn scars, no doubt — and it was surprisingly sensual. Izumo's fingers tightened over the couch cushion, his hips tensing for a long moment, before he breathed out slowly. His mouth opened slightly, as if ready to speak — but then he seemed to think the better of it. He didn't want to disrupt Raidou.

Raidou's tongue continued to flick across the honey on Izumo's skin. He'd fallen into an almost meditative state — not thinking, just licking and enjoying the sensations. He could see where this might be calming, but this wasn't the way Izumo was with him — that still scared him. From across the room, he heard a desperately tense sound from Kotetsu, as if the other chuunin were enjoying the sight even more than Izumo enjoyed the actual act. He very nearly called the whole thing off as he remembered that he was being watched, but it hadn't been too bad, so far.

He rested his lips against the tip of Izumo's cock, just lightly dragging his lips against it as he turned his head. He'd never been allowed to kiss Izumo, for obvious reasons, nor had he really wanted to, and he remembered, now, how sensitive lips could be. Slowly he kissed and licked just the very tip of Izumo's sturdy erection, enjoying it as if it were anything but what it was. The soft skin felt incredible on his lips, and gradually, they began to part, allowing just the least bit of cock to dip into his mouth to be licked. Izumo drew in another terse breath through his nose, trying to keep the words on his lips from being vocalised. He wanted to at least give Raidou an encouraging word, and maybe a pointer or two — but at the same time, he didn't want to spook Raidou into stopping. Raidou's tongue sent another shudder of pleasure through him, and he prayed silently that Raidou knew enough to at least not use his teeth.

While Raidou did know not to use his teeth, he simply didn't have the control that Izumo did. His teeth scraped gently across Izumo's skin a few times, but he was quick to catch the mistake, lapping apologetically at the assumed damage that wasn't really there. He worried more that he might hurt Izumo than about anything else, after the second time, and slowly, but surely, the distraction led him to suck deeper and harder, slipping Izumo's cock further into his mouth, as he tried to keep his teeth clear and his tongue on the faint taste of honey.

Izumo's body tensed again, and he relaxed even more slowly, now, letting a faint shudder run along through his body. "Good," he breathed, letting just the one word out — he thought that maybe Raidou could use (and take) a little encouragement, just now. Sure, he wasn't anything spectacular — Kotetsu was still better — but it wasn't bad. Raidou made a small sound of acknowledgement, deep in his throat, and the vibrations travelled the length of his tongue where it pressed against Izumo's flesh. He remembered how good it felt when Izumo had purred and hummed, and with a faint blush on the unscarred side of his face, he closed his lips in a hum of contentment that wasn't entirely fake. Izumo's reaction was immediately evident — perhaps just a little exaggerated, for Raidou's benefit — and he bent forward slightly, letting a quiet groan trickle upwards from his throat. His fingers scraped over the surface of the couch cushion, and he licked his lips, turning his head slightly in Kotetsu's direction. No doubt the other chuunin was still desperately hard watching — Izumo wondered if he'd even remembered he was supposed to be taking pictures, but one of Ko's hands was still working the shutter, even if the other was crammed down the front of his pants, stroking and squeezing. He licked his lips at his beautiful best friend.

Raidou remembered, swiftly and physically, the effect that Izumo's sounds of pleasure had on him — the gender of the noises was irrelevant; that they were intensely sexual sounds of pure pleasure in response to him was what mattered. He moaned as the sound reached him, striking from the ear, through his chest, straight to his balls. His knees parted slightly, and he breathed deeply, taking in what he could of the smell of Izumo's excitement. The scent, he decided, he could have done without, but the memory of the faint taste of honey and the incredibly erotic sound of Izumo's voice kept him going. The voice didn't stop — Izumo could sense Raidou's reaction to his reaction, and he slowly […]

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  1. Hi ! This story is a really great continuation of "Molasses", but I can't see the end of it. (very frustrated…) :<
    Keep up the good work ! XD

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