Sep 012007
Title: Corybantic Dance (Chapter 7)
Co-authors: Haya
Characters: Gekkou Hayate, Shiranui Genma, Namiashi Raidou, Hagane Kotetsu, Kamizuki Izumo, Mitarashi Anko, Yamashiro Aoba
Rating: This chapter? R.
Warnings: Expletives, groping.
Notes: One of these days, Raidou’s going to realise just how lucky he really is to have a friend like Genma, even if he would never in a million years, under any circumstances, sleep with his best friend. As opposed to Kotetsu, who is also very lucky, and would do absolutely anything to get Izumo naked. Or Hayate, who opposes nakedness entirely, and no matter how lucky he gets, will still be looking for the catch.
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