Apr 292007

Title: Render Icon Dump #1
Characters: Various OCs from various fandoms
Rating: T
Warnings: Expletives
Notes: Please don't swipe these. They were commissions from years gone by — I've gotten better, obviously. The Kuro-chan icons are posted somewhere else on here.

Penbrydd's Render Icons

001 002 003 004 005
[IMG] Bridget.png [IMG] MartinMiggs100px.png [IMG] MehtPrince3.jpg [IMG] MehtPrince(sky2)100px.png
006 007 008 009 010
[IMG] Narcissa02.png [IMG] roddy-03.jpg [IMG] Roddy02.png [IMG] Seraphina-1.png
011 012 013 014 015
[IMG] Seraphina-3.png [IMG] Sylene-1.png [IMG] Veril-1.jpg [IMG] Will_Lloyd.jpg [IMG] hoshiko-headhurt.jpg
016 017 018 019 020
[IMG] default.jpg [IMG] fallingstar.jpg [IMG] firegold.jpg [IMG] shit.jpg [IMG] sunset.jpg
All art and icons by penbrydd.

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