Jul 122015

Title: Pranksters of Kinloch Hold: An Interruption
Fandom: Dragon Age
Characters: Anders , Karl Thekla , Alim 'Fen'Din' Surana
Rating: M (L2 N1 S3 V0 D0)
Warnings: Smut, pranks
Notes: Karl/Anders. Alim thinks he's funny. Mostly because he actually is.

Anders was with Karl — sweet, funny, amazing Karl who had to kneel on a book for the added height, to get into him. They shouldn't have been on their knees in the library, but the Nevarran analyses of ancient Tevinter religious practises was not a popular subject, and it was as close to privacy as they were going to get. And standing was right out. Anders was just too tall for that.

And so, they knelt on the floor to satisfy themselves with each other, which was much less dangerous than lying on the floor, all told. It was easier to hide this. To recover from it, at the sound of heavy boots.

Silence was key, of course, doubly so in that they were in a library. The sound of pages turning was louder than their breathing, except for a few sharp gasps from Anders, that none of the mages would admit to having heard. Most of them wouldn't have heard, anyway.

And then there was Alim.

"Such a screamer, roundear!" he whispered, slinking around the corner of a bookcase, light ginger hair tied to itself in the back, to reveal the relatively-recent deep violet tattoos on his face. He trailed his golden-brown fingers through Anders's dirty-blond hair. "Maybe I should shut you up, hmm?"

Karl looked at Alim like he couldn't possibly be serious, and Alim just winked slyly, before turning his smirk back to Anders's sweat-speckled face.

"Want to shove something in my mouth, do you, elfhole?" Anders looked up and flicked his tongue across his lower lip, grinning wickedly at just about the right height.

"Yeah, I do," Alim purred, stepping closer, one hand tugging up the front of his skirts, while the other hand reached behind him.

And that was the thing, Karl reflected. Alim was up to something. The elf had never shown any interest in sex. Not with men, women, elves, humans… Just no interest with anything available in the tower, including and perhaps especially Anders. Not so much that Anders had been trying so much as that Anders would bend over for anything with two legs and a heartbeat that looked slightly interested. No, this was something else.

"Give it to me," Anders panted, quietly, putting out his tongue nearly far enough to lick his chin, as he opened his mouth.

Alim moved faster than anything short of a spider really had a right to. In seconds, he'd whipped a knotted bandage around Anders's head and tied it into his mouth.

"Er hrrt yrr," Anders muttered, glaring up at the amused elf gently glittering above him.

"No you don't." Alim caressed Anders's cheek, fondly. "Thank me later, after you don't get caught." He winked at Karl, who was losing a fight against a wheezy laugh, and flitted back around the corner to pull a book off the shelf and slouch against the bookcase to read it.

"Frr rp rn frrk mrr," Anders grumbled, and Karl tried his best to get back to where they had been, quietly snickering, all the while.

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