Jul 112013

Title: Pricks & Thumbs-08
Fandom: Fear Mythos
Characters: Rich Providence
Rating: G- (L0 N0 S0 V1 D0)
Warnings: A single-sentence summary of a creepy story where two people die; non-explicit.
Notes: I dunno. Fish being Fish. Actually, fish being really busy and not having any awesome adventures in library-land.

More work. I haven't had time to do much more reading, because we've been filming something for the Dolls. I've learned that when the Dolls demand studio space, we don't even try to say no. And they never film stuff in anything like the order they want it put together, so it's really hard to figure out what's going on in their stories. Luckily, the stories are usually pretty short, so it's not too terrible. We finished this one in a few days. I did some work on it, and I get the impression it was a story about a little girl who was replaced with a clay doll, and she went on to live a wonderful life, but the doll killed her parents. It's pretty typical Doll stuff, really.

I got to take Naamah and Delilah out for chicory and spike after they got bumped for another Doll scene. That wasn't a bad time. We got to talking about the Dolls, and I guess they're big into the amorality plays the Dolls did at the playhouse, last season. I hope they do another production of 'I'm a Doctor', some day, because that one sounds really funny. I think I might be sorry I missed it.

Anyway, hopefully now that the Dolls are done with their film, I'll have some free time, again. I know I want to look through the books I have for pictures of that city. I really don't know why it seems so familiar, but I have to have seen it in a book. And every time I start thinking of the city, that song comes back to me. It's so short, but it's so catchy. I've been whistling it at random, for days, now.

"Where were you in the spring…"

Ok, really. Going to bed. Too much working makes Fish a dull boy.

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