May 012011

Title: Spite
Co-conspirator: His Majesty the Queen of Cats
Fandom: Magelight Chronicles (Crossover Crack)
Characters: Ice, Frost, Yaz
Rating: E
Warnings: Buggery, loathing, jealousy, hate-sex
Notes: This was originally a scene-log, and you can kind of tell by the weird paragraph breaks. We tried to smooth it over, some, but… *shrugs* In this particular corner of AU, Ice and Frost own an inn, and Frost has hooked up with Yaz, who is his pet mechanic.

Icefeather knelt and began unlacing Frost's trousers with his teeth, stroking those long, leather-covered legs with both hands. He slid Frost's trousers down and licked that delicious cock from base to tip, lapping at the head.

Frost moaned once, then sighed as the ringing of the ancient phone intruded, and eventually distracted him. "Jaysus, timing an' all," he complained. "Ye want to move this way, lovey?" he asked Ice, panting slightly.

Icefeather inched over, moving with Frost, and handing him the phone from under the bar. Frost picked up the phone, placed one end to his ear and bent slightly to talk into the mouthpiece, as Ice licked Frost's cock into his mouth, daintily sucking at just the head.

"Hello, Snowed Inn?" Frost answered, his voice unsteady, he listened briefly then flicked his black eyes down to Ice: "Jaysus, Yaz?"

Icefeather purred around his mouthful, turning his wickedly mischievous eyes up to Frost. He'd an intention to make this a memorable conversation for Yaz, at least.

"I'm all cock, I mean ears, I mean… jaysus, just come an' do it." Frost smiled and panted, "have I mentioned as I love ye?"

Icefeather licked and sucked Frost more intently, bent on distracting him until he moaned desperately into his boyfriend's ear.

Frost laughed in reply and hung the earpiece back up. He looked down at his cousin again. "That was Yaz. Jest sayin' he's on his way over an' he'll be here in five."

Icefeather pulled back and looked up — allll the way up. "D'ye want I should save him some?" he asked, kissing the tip of Frost's cock and tonguing the slit.

"Do I want ye to what? Jaysus, no, not if it means yer stoppin' with that."

Icefeather sucked Frost deep into his mouth, swallowing around the head, making his cousin moan and breathe hard, but then movement caught Frost's eye and he looked up, glancing towards the gate, spotting the long eggshell coloured hair first, then the rest of Yaz as he came into view. As always the sight of the albino made Frost's breath catch in the back of his throat; he reached down and touched his cousin gently on the shoulder.

"Oh jaysus, Ice? Sweetie? Yaz just arrived."

Icefeather purred and sucked harder, swallowing again and again. He raised a hand over the bar to wave to Yaz, as the towering albino walked up to the bar, grinning and carrying a contraption about half his size, composed of brass bars, straps of leather, and strange implements that looked like they might be used for pinching, measuring, or holding things.

"You're never going to believe what I found in the—" The grin slid off Yaz's face. "Oh, you're … um… I can come back…"

"Yaz, jaysus, oh feck." Frost grinned and attempted to look sheepish, "No, stay, really. Come here?" he held a hand out to Yaz, "please?"

Yaz looked a little perturbed, but slunk up to Frost, kissing him carefully. "I'll be up in your room, setting this up, when you want me," he said with a cautious smile that didn't quite reach his eyes.

"I always want ye, beautiful boy." Frost replied, wrapping an arm around Yaz and pulling him closer, kissing him hard, his mouth hot and passionate.

Yaz nuzzled Frost's neck, eyes glittering. "Do you?" He squeezed Frost's bare ass. "Right now?"

"Fuck, yeah. Of course I do." Frost answered emphatically. He kissed Yaz again and buried his face in the long hair, nuzzling the albino's neck and breathing in the scent of leather and engine oil. "Ye always smell so good…"

Icefeather reached up to stroke his fingers over Frost's hole, but Yaz slapped his hand away, and rubbed the cherub on the other side of the bar for some lube. He gazed almost challengingly into Frost's eyes, ignoring Ice's muffled protests at being smacked.

"Do ye mind sharin'?" Frost asked quietly, meeting those beautiful pink eyes with his own jet black stare, his look simultaneously pleading and amused.

"Mine," Yaz whispered into Frost's ear, easing his fingers into that long, black hair. "Here and now."

"Jaysus, Yaz, I love it when yer all commandin' and masterful," Frost teased, leaning against his lover and moaning quietly as Yaz's fingers tightened in his hair, as Yaz's teeth closed around his ear.

Listening to the voices above him, Icefeather got the impression that he was about to end up with way more cock shoved down his throat than he meant to have. He tried to back up as far as he could into the shelf-space under the bar and sucked cautiously, waiting for the first thrust that he was sure he'd choke on.

Yaz untangled his fingers from Frost's hair and used that hand to lift his kilt, stroking the lube onto himself as he stepped behind Frost. "Want me?" he asked, rubbing his slick fingers between Frost's ass-cheeks.

"When do I not want ye, beautiful boy?" Frost replied, looking back over his shoulder as he spoke, opening his legs and rubbing himself hard against Yaz's hand.  He opened his legs wider, rested one hand on the edge of the bar, and gripped the smooth polished surface for balance, in a preemptive attempt to avoid impaling Ice.

Lining up his cock with the slick hand, Yaz let go of his kilt to grab Frost's hip, hauling him back as he thrust all the way in. All at once, he understood exactly why one isn't supposed to do that, but he ground in, waiting for his skin to catch up with the rest of his cock, before he pulled out a little way and rammed into Frost again. He gave no thought to Ice, who tried to protect his own throat, pulling his tongue back, high in his mouth as he kept sucking on the head of Frost's cock.

"Oh fuckkkkk, Yaz!" Frost screamed and arched his back, gripping the edge of the bar so tight that his knuckles went white. He sobbed and pressed back against Yaz's cock, reaching behind himself and grabbing Yaz's hip to pull him even deeper.

Yaz reached up under Frost's shirt, tucking a greased fingertip through his nipple ring and curling his finger. Sinking his teeth into Frost's neck, he rutted hard and deep, constantly in motion. "Mine," he snarled, quietly.

"Was there ever…" Frost sobbed and gasped for breath as Yaz tugged on the ring. "Any – oh jaysus – doubt?" He tossed his hair out of the way and looked back over his shoulder as he asked, panting and moaning low in the back of his throat, trying to move as little as possible as Ice got used to the hard, short thrusts, and started to let Frost's cock slide through his mouth with them, sucking lustily at the flesh.

"You tell me you love me," Yaz hissed. "You say it for the first time, and I come here and find you with your dick in his mouth?" He bit the edge of Frost's ear, slamming into him harder, in longer thrusts. "It's not that I mind sharing. I like sharing you. I love watching you in heat. But, timing. How dare you…"

Yaz was so feckin' sexy when he was pissed, Frost decided. If he'd have known that, he might have pissed him off more often. He looked back at Yaz, his eyes blacker than ever, loving Yaz trying to hurt him, loving the feel of Yaz's anger, oh fuck, it felt good.

"Yaz, I feckin' love ye. I do." he insisted, his voice not entirely steady, "but how dare I what? How dare I tell ye so? How dare I tell ye an' then let Ice suck me off?" He moaned again, grinding harder against the beautiful albino's fury, the emotion turning him on beyond belief. "Ye want that I tell him to stop?"

Icefeather sucked at what was in his mouth, backing up, since, no matter the answer, he'd need the space. And Yaz was hardly the sort to disappoint, slamming deeper into Frost and howling in frustration as he bit Frost's shoulder hard enough to bruise. He didn't know if he wanted Ice out, but he decided he didn't. By this point, he'd gotten the distinct impression he could choke the little fuck within an inch of his life with Frost's dick, and that suited him just fine. He pounded in again and again, leaving the question unanswered. Still sucking, Icefeather banged his head on the inside of the front of the bar, trying to keep his tongue up high enough that he could keep breathing as Frost's cock slammed into his mouth. At this point, the strain was probably hurting Frost quite a bit, slamming into a throat that wouldn't open for him.

A scream ripped from Frost's throat and he gasped for breath, pushing into the bite, loving the feel of Yaz's teeth on his flesh. He relaxed more and ground back hard against Yaz's cock, wanting more, losing himself in the pleasure and pain.

"Yaz, oh jaysus fucking christ Yaz, ye feel amazin'." Frost sobbed, his hand still on Yaz's hip, still pulling at the albino, forcing his body back onto Yaz's, and screaming and begging Yaz for more. He gripped the edge of the bar as tight as he could, just managing to stop short of choking his cousin and he stared down at Ice, his eyes wild and hungry.

Yaz got a tighter grip on Frost, one finger twisting and yanking the nipple ring and the other tangled in Frost's hair, pulling back hard. He bit at the exposed curve of Frost's throat, feeling that voice thrum under his teeth. This was not how things were supposed to be. Not at all. He'd probably regret it later, but right now, Frost was his and his alone, and it was the hottest thing he can remember ever having felt. This gorgeous creature took the anger Yaz pounded into him, and begged for more — it was almost too much for him, and he could feel the heat spreading under his skin, furious moans slipping through his teeth.

Lost in the moment, lost to Yaz's anger, Frost begged and sobbed and writhed; the more Yaz pounded him the more he loved it, he pressed harder, grinding back, full of Yaz and still wanting, still needing more. He clenched and unclenched himself, squeezing and gripping the beautiful flesh inside him. Pushing back with his arm, Frost levered himself as far out of Ice's mouth as he could, sobbing again as Ice pushed himself back as far as he could get, under the bar, sucking hard and letting his teeth graze Frost's cock. Frost screamed as Yaz bit his neck. "Yaz, oh fuck, fuck me, please, fuck me harder," he begged, moving his hand from Yaz's hip to grip the top of the albino's thigh instead, reaching for Yaz's buttock and squeezing hard.

Moving more quickly, Yaz pounded into Frost in longer thrusts, twisting Frost's nipple ring even harder as he whined desperately, teeth still buried in Frost's neck. He was furious, and couldn't remember why, except that it was vitally important and it kept his dick painfully hard, as he kept driving it into Frost's tight body. The squeezing was driving him mad — so fucking good, but not quite enough. He dragged Frost back against him, yanking that long, black hair with all his strength, letting Icefeather breathe a little easier, as he got a bit more space. Ice leaned in, sliding his mouth over Frost, rippling his tongue against Frost's cock as he took a bit more in, swallowing around the head of his cousin's cock each time it slipped into his throat.

Frost screamed, moving his hand back and between Yaz's buttocks, pressing the ends of two fingers into him, he writhed between Yaz cock and Ice's mouth, sobbing and sobbing, pleasure and pain rushing through him, urging him on.

"Fuckkkk!" he screamed. Yaz's hand felt so good in his hair, Ice's tongue danced over his hot flesh in delicious counterpoint to the pain. Frost arched his back and pressed himself against Yaz's body, closing the gap between them, tears running from his eyes as Yaz pulled harder on the ring through his nipple. He bucked and writhed, and his fingers curled slightly as they worked deeper into Yaz, stroking and rubbing at Yaz's insides, gentle, despite the furious emotions of the moment.

In an instant, Yaz lost touch, completely, shuddering and gasping, staring blindly, his mouth hanging open, as he came hard, every muscle in his body clenching. Stars… It was all water and stars, and he couldn't feel his body at all, except that consuming pleasure that was so hot it hurt. He felt the burn racing through his body, leaving that aching chill in its wake, as he emptied himself into Frost, so stiff and tight he couldn't even take a breath.

"Yaz, oh jaysus, Yaz." His lover's name was ripped from his lips in another desperate scream as he felt Yaz spilling into him, flooding hot and wet and deep inside him, filling him even more. He kept his fingers moving inside Yaz's arse, only bringing them back out when he knew Yaz was finished, then he dropped his hand back to Yaz's thigh, sobbing and pleading as his own orgasm built, his eyes half closed, his eyelashes still wet with tears.

Frost looked down at Ice and sobbed his cousin's name, half plea, half warning, as Ice sucked more creatively, winding his tongue up one side and then the other of Frost's cock, as Frost finally mostly stopped moving. Pulling back, Ice licked at the slit for a few seconds, before pulling as much as he could into his mouth and swallowing hard around the head, over and over, waiting for Frost to spill. Frost came and his seed gushed into his cousin's mouth, his entire body convulsing and shuddering, his hand still wrapped tight around Yaz's leg, and Icefeather pulled back, taking it all into his mouth, but not swallowing. He waited, sucking and stroking Frost's cock, until he was certain he'd gotten everything.

Yaz ground into Frost as Frost emptied into Ice's mouth, and he wished there was a way to take that into himself, instead of letting that little bastard have it. The way Frost's body clutched at him, clenched around him — it was so good, he came again. It wasn't nearly as much the second time, just enough to leave him draped across Frost, panting for breath, and glaring down at Ice, half-dazed.

Frost let go of the bar as Yaz stopped pounding him, his clean hand dropped into Ice's hair, scratching and clawing at Ice's shoulders. He looked back over his shoulder at Yaz, and finally loosed his grip on Yaz's thigh, moving his hand to hug the albino cautiously at first, and then, as Yaz declines to lash out at him, more tightly.

Icefeather slid out from under the bar with one last lick at the tip of his cousin's cock, before he hauled himself to his feet and grabbed Yaz's hair, pressing his mouth to the albino's to pass on the still-warm spunk. "Take it. He's yours."

Frost moaned in quiet protest as Ice's mouth released him, then he watched curiously to see how Yaz would react, his arm still tight around the albino as he hugged Yaz's body hard against his own.

Yaz nearly spat in disgust, his eyes hardening as his cock softened. He nearly spat. He wanted to. He wanted to spit it back in Ice's face, but he couldn't. He swallowed and looked away, as Ice let go, unhooking his finger from the nipple ring and wrapping both arms around Frost.

Frost's eyes glittered. He wanted to cry in relief when Yaz's arms wrapped around him, but he didn't let it show, he just hugged his lover closer, and tilted his face up so he could press his cheek against Yaz's own, as Ice headed toward the stairs and his own gorgeous boy.

"I'm just a toy, pale one. Treat him well, and I'll serve him for you," Ice promised, before he vanished up toward his room.

"I love ye, I really, really feckin' love ye." Frost breathed the words into Yaz's ear as he held himself as close as he could, luxuriating in the feel of that beautiful body.

Yaz buried his face against Frost's neck. "Stop that. I can't—" He gave up and held Frost tighter.

Without disengaging from Yaz, Frost turned around as much as he could and wrapped his arms around the albino, kissing him, loving the taste of his own spunk in Yaz's mouth. "I'm yers, beautiful lover, I'm so yers." he said as he hugged Yaz tight and stayed pressed close against him.

Yaz moaned quietly and kissed back. "Take me to bed?"

"Ye want me to take ye?" Frost asked; his smile made his black eyes shine as he gazed adoringly at Yaz. "I'll take ye wherever ye wish, so I will." He slid slowly off Yaz's cock, and turned to wrap his body completely around the albino's, hugging him hard, holding him close and tight. "I really do love ye Yaz." he said seriously, all trace of the smile gone. "If yer mad with me fer tellin' ye, I'm sorry as I pissed ye off, but it doesn't change a feckin' thing fer how I feel about ye."

Yaz gasped at the loss of warmth and then pulled Frost to him. "Please." He shook his head. "Bed. The rest can wait." He wasn't sure he was still angry, but he knew he didn't want to be alone, again. He'd been there far too much in his life.

Frost's smile returned slowly "Ye always say that." He took Yaz by the hand and led the way up to his room.

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