Apr 122007

Title: A Waste of Beauty
Characters:Yakushi Kabuto, Some OC of no importance
Rating: M
Warnings: Nudity, sociopathy
Notes: /me fails. [ABANDONED]

Orochimaru did not torture his own prisoners. It was a waste of the great man's time, when he had a perfectly competent medic to do it for him. The fact that Kabuto also appeared to wholly lack moral compunctions was just an added bonus. There was nearly nothing he wouldn't do, if it provided him with profit or pleasure in the end. Nearly nothing, because he didn't make promises, anymore. He'd made that mistake once, and now he was stuck with the consequences. Immoral, after all, did not immediately imply unethical. Those who ran that loose had severely limited lifespans.

He pushed his glasses up with one hand and opened the door to the holding cell with the other. It seemed that the patrols had caught a kunoichi from Konoha creeping around the borders, and instead of killing her, they'd actually shown some sense, capturing her for the information she might be carrying. She slept slumped in the corner, naked, hands in stocks to prevent her from making seals. Someone had been thinking. It was time to play the game.

He put on a look of calculated concern as he approached her, glad that he'd left his hitai-ate off. If she didn't know he was a ninja, he'd have a much easier time. "I keep telling them to be more gentle!" His tone was strident and irritated. "Miss? Miss, can you hear me?"

He kept enough distance that she probably wouldn't be able to break his neck with her ankles when she woke. He'd play the naive young medic, this time — a man of honour and good breeding. He'd see if he could win her trust, and only if he failed would he become increasingly unpleasant until she gave him what he wanted. He couldn't quite see the point in destroying objects of beauty, if there was no greater purpose served by the destruction. The Hyuuga girl had been a perfect example. Had her teammate not refused to leave her side, he probably would have stolen a kiss from her unconscious lips before returning to the mission at hand. To allow her to die would have been an unconscionable waste of a beautiful woman.

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