Apr 262007

Title: Pushy
Characters: Gekkou Hayate, Ebisu, OC ANBU lady
Rating: T
Warnings: Kissing, coughing
Notes: Don't ask. It's just better that way.

Hayate sat on the couch between Ebisu and his drunken ANBU wife.

"You know, you're really attractive," she said to him, looking into his eyes as she rubbed her hand on his shoulder.

He had another coughing fit, a bad one, and clutched at both his chest and his mouth as he leaned forward to regain his balance. After a couple of minutes, he sat back up and wiped his mouth on his fist. "Even with the coughing up a lung?"

"Yeah, even with the coughing. I like the coughing. I think it adds something." She nodded at him, perfectly serious.

He stared at her, simultaneously amused and horrified at the thought. "Well, ah, I … umm … I guess that, ah, counts for something."

At this point, the conversation ended suddenly as Ebisu wrapped a hand around his throat pulled him backward, drowning him in a kiss. He fought his way out of it in time to bring up a hand without knocking Ebisu in the teeth, and covered his mouth as the coughing came back.

"Just the lungs. Just allergies. I'm fine. Just be a bit more careful with my neck until the pills kick in." He was probably smearing the truth a bit, he wasn't really sure one way or the other, but it was best not to worry people. "Really, I'm alright."

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