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Title: Strawberry Bats
Fandom: Sweet Jane
Characters: Jane
Rating: T
Warnings: Expletives, surrealist thought
Notes: This was part of a never-completed and mostly lost surrealist epistolary novel. These were the days when love meant being beaten severely with a strawberry flavoured aluminum baseball bat — in a strictly synaesthetic sense.

…a new republic begins…entirely self contained and self reliant. "she's got the devil in her eyes…no equivocation, no explanations please; there will be no smoke and blinds today…" time to draft a new constitution; a profit based constitution. ("lucy in the sky" in the bg) strange dreams of freedom…the age of foot in mouth ("a return to the creeping plains of paranoia, this time tempered with that particular courage peculiar to fools and drunkards") may be at an end. perhaps it is time to usher in the suit and sorcery years… i almost didn't notice the age of foot in mouth until near it's end: 02.07.00, according to the book. now, almost a year later, it's gone. i can't live like that anymore.

—*stumble*— ooh, you'll like this one: 02.02.00 :
waiting for the miracle…or to be more precise, the next letter
from the infamous one. "stricken," i corrected her, "stricken
right upside the head with the memetic equivalent of a very large
fish." -a pause- "check me. a _provident_ fish." quite provident,
indeed, from all outward signs. the portents here are good. i'm
writing again.

time to grab that feeling and run with it. west egg needs a new party line. the embassy will remain open during the transition. time to embrace an entirely new form of government… monarchy tastes nice this year. perhaps imperium… something flashy and satiny…explorers and diplomats prostrated at my bare feet. total unquestioned power. like a cross between vlad the impaler and the last empress of japan. a hero to my constituents, a monster to my enemies.

sitting here with the parts of a toy robot my stepdad built in 1985 scattered across my workbench, covered in wd40, listening to "sweet jane", and congratulating myself on a mix well-built…now if i could just figure out why this silly thing keeps dropping that gear, i'd be set…my mom is coming here at 11:00 tomorrow to help me move my fridge. i hope to be conscious and functional, but if this shit keeps up… :) i am definitely set to hack mode. (note to self: razorblades&bandaides [econoline crush] =>i don't know [replacements] in the next mix) waiting for the fixer to come back from a happy-pills run. i need more technical expertise than i have to fix this bot. shouldn't be all that difficult…it moves, blinks, and squeaks. and it all relies on one gear that keeps skipping. it's also been broken since 1989. i finally decided i was cool enough to fix it, a burst of pride at a near luciferian intensity, apparently. it has once again defeated me, but at least this time i figured out how it works. :)i'm going to kick my roommate in the throat. he got the socket wrench adapter stuck in my best screwdriver. damn him. so i think i'll post the playlists from my last three good mixes somewhere on groundline. more details when i put them somewhere useful. :) yeah, ok, i'm running off at the brain a bit, but i just reclaimed my apartment. something of a territorial pissing, i suppose, but i just hung a buckaroo banzai poster in my living room. why? because i'm a fucking geek. because there's more to life than numbers and neurophysics, there's also rock and roll, saving the world, and getting the girl in the end. i think i need to create a new desktop image with that sentiment in it somewhere. i've been back into the graphics again as of late.

and the fixer returns…verdict: cracked gear driving the main platter. damn. however, in a major feat of good hack-fu, he is currently filing out the crack with a phillips screwdriver…then, i think, is the superglue portion of the evening.

later on: the smell of clove cigarettes and wd40…are friends electric? (inSoc version). it all feels like you. finished the img. will make it available at some point in the near future. christ it's tempting to just leave the resolution at 640×480 just to get that *colour*. there's nothing quite like nude anime chicks in true color. *sigh* waiting until the mix ends so i don't crash the box when i reset the resolution to a nice standard 1024×768. dammit. i need a new video card. thankfully, i think i just scored one. traded a dead-board hp to a friend for a theoretically reasonable card. sounds like a bad trade on my part? you have no idea how much space that thing took up. i have no room in the rack for things that don't go. and speaking of boxen, i built a p-100 for my idiot roommate…now he's defaulting on the $100 i want for it. too bad. i can sell it elsewhere. and i think i will. i have the parts to build again when he decides to pay me.

so, will you come visit me when i live all alone? perhaps a less whirlwind trip than the last? i miss your flesh. your mind i only miss when you've misplaced it. ;> it's spring again here… i catch myself dreaming of you. (were you waiting too…?) devil in my dreams, you are… waking to that dizzy-giddy feeling…like falling, but with no impending ground. like waking to your touch, but without the warm flesh. i should go before i become entirely insensible.

strawberry aluminum baseball bat,

this is my new kingdom
this is dominion day
creation bleeds for me
this is dominion day

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