Nov 091994

Title: Torturing the Dead
Rating: T
Warnings: Violence
Notes: As far as years go, 1994 kind of sucked. Not as bad as, say, 1996 or 2008, but it was up there. Most of 1994, I probably won't be posting, because I was 13/14, and most of it's not even worth the effort to type out. However, there are a few that are SO EFFING WEIRD that they deserve a little page space. This is one.

I got nothing more to say to you
'Cause there's nothing to be said
I'd like to beat it out of you
But it's like torturing the dead

Your brother wants to beat me
And your girlfriend wants my head
They want to beat you out of me
But it's like torturing the dead

I know you want my body
I sure as hell don't need your mind
I know you want a piece of this
But it's like torturing the dead

I'm fucking with you, baby
Got my fingers in your head
They'll never find your body, when I'm through
And I'm torturing the dead

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